Riverside Church


RMC Ministries and Networks

RMC and it’s network of ministries are committed to the gospel in regard to world evangelization. This includes our local community as well as the St. Croix Valley in general. Our ministry includes the following opportunities on a local level to impact our neighborhoods and see our city and it’s occupants experience a “transformation.”

We do our part by bringing the gospel to health care facilities on a regular basis. Gospel preaching, music, drama and children are encouraged to be a key aspect of this outreach. We have evenings of family fellowship and home care groups that meet regularly.

We practice the gift of hospitality to those that are seeking to find a church home as well as providing for evangelists and missionaries that are just passing through. We visit local jails to bring hope and encouragement. We recognize the needs of various groups (youth, singles, intercessors, teachers, evangelists) and provide as much support and opportunity as we possibly can. We hold outdoor public events of worship, concerts, street preaching and witnessing.